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The strength of TCH comes from strong partnerships with various entities. We welcome, governments, civil societies and academic and religious institutions.

You can get involved by joining our team, volunteering, donating or raising awareness in your community. 

Your donation will be helping us expand the worldwide fight against exploitation of women and children. Any donation will bring us one step closer to a world free of exploitation.

Our Mission

The Connected Hearts Inc is a unique advocacy and mobilization organization meant to strengthen public awareness and build robust partnerships on the issue of zero-exploitation of women and children. TCH identifies and invests in opportunities that create a conducive environment where dignity thrives for all. TCH works to generate commitment from political, business, academic and civil societies as well as other leaders to foster human values, dignity and integrity as pertinent agendas. Work can never be accomplished without men, women, boys and girls coming together in a combined effort to uphold fundamental human rights.

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